PVC Steel Wire Suction Hose

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Our  PVC Steel Wire Suction Hose is an excellent quality, PVC suction & delivery hose, featuring a strong steel spiral reinforcement to prevent collapse on vacuum lines. Most popular for use with Foodstuffs, Dairy and Water. PVC Steel Wire Suction Hose has the added advantage of being transparent so that the user can see what is going on inside it. PVC Steel Wire Suction Hose has good resistance to vacuum, abrasion, weathering & and impacts.

  • Characteristics: Highly flexible, robust, abrasion resistant. Smooth inside.

  • Temperature range: -10ºC +60ºC.

  • Structure: CLEAR PVC hose with embedded steel wire reinforcement.

  • Food-Grade Applications (Food Grade on demand): Suction & delivery of foodstuffs, drinkable water, drinks up to 28% alcohol contents

  • For Non-Food- Grade applications: vacuum pumps, agricultural machines, irrigation plants, boat construction, chemical plants, plastics manufacturing machinery, sludge tankers.The hose is suitable for pneumatic and hydraulic applications as well for liquid and semi-liquid substances.

  • Chemical & Hydrocarbons: Please note that PVC is not necessarily the most resistant material to harsher liquids like Ink, Fuel, Bio-Diesel, oils and hydrocarbons. For increased resistance against chemical attack on delivery hoses, we recommend Chemical Resistant Wire Reinforced Hose, which offers resistance to most chemicals (solvents).

PVC Steel Wire Suction Hose reinforced with steel wire spiral

Designed for transfer of a variety of liquids

Superb resistance to harsh operating environment

Maintains transparency over time

Operating Temperature -10 C – +60C

PVC Steel Wire Suction Hose.jpg

PVC Steel Wire Suction Hose.jpg

PVC Steel Wire Suction Hose.jpg

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