Winter Construction Of Plastic Hose |PP Tube

Artificially dig the PP pipe freezing method: we can use artificially to beat the iron seeds vigorously, open the frozen hard shell and push the iron into the frozen soil layer. In order to excavate frozen soil, necessary safety measures should be worked out, and digging holes should be strictly prohibited.

Mechanical excavation of PP tube frozen soil: when the freezing depth is within 25CM, it is excavated by a general medium excavator. When the freezing depth is above 40CM, the soil can be broken through the earth machine behind the bulldozer.

PP pipe anti freezing measures, commonly used methods of soil loosening and frost protection and covering thermal insulation materials. Method of loosening soil and preventing freezing: before digging the trench, every day, whether or not the grooves are bottomed, a layer of soil should be reserved to prevent frostbite. Cover the insulation method: cover the earth or excavate the earth trench, cover the straw mat, grass curtain and other thermal insulation materials, so that the PP pipe soil foundation is not frozen.