Whether The PVC Reinforced Hose Contains Plasticizers

PVC reinforced hose is very common, whether it is chemical, coal, oil, medical equipment and other manufacturing industries, or family applications are very common (such as gas gas pipeline, solar water pipe). Many people think that PVC reinforced hose contains plasticizer, which is harmful to human body and can cause cancer. In fact, this is wrong.

PVC reinforcement hose is mostly used as plasticizer and other harmless additives to human body. Special industries (petrochemical industry) require solvent resistance and weather resistance to add plasticizer enhancers. And the raw material polyvinyl chloride used in PVC reinforced hose is the focus of attention, but the performance structure of PVC reinforced tube is stable, mechanical property is strong, acid alkali corrosion is not easy to degrade, it is low toxic product. The national production safety standards Ordinance clearly stipulates that PVC reinforcement hoses should not be used in transportation processing industries such as food, drinking water and liquor, except for special treatment.

And polyvinyl chloride is mainly degraded by organic solvents and so on, so that the general household will not cause harm to human body.

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