What's The Future Of PVC?

PVC reinforced hose is a kind of PVC, and PVC reinforced hose is widely used in life, such as water, irrigation, water pipe, car washing tube and so on when rural busy. So what's the prospect of his development? Let's look at it together.

1 development trend of PVC resin industry

The consumption of PVC resin in China is mainly concentrated in two areas in Southern China and East China, and the total consumption of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong and Jiangsu accounts for about 70% of the total consumption of the country. Among them, the market demand of Guangdong and Fujian is the largest, but the capacity is insufficient and the proportion of the imported polyvinyl chloride is higher; Jiangsu The PVC resin processing industry in Shandong and Zhejiang is more developed, and the consumption of the three provinces accounts for about 34% of the total domestic consumption, and the balance of production and marketing in North China is basically balanced. With the development of the central and western regions and the construction of large-scale infrastructures, the consumption of PVC resin in the central and western regions will gradually increase.

2 demand forecast

Polyvinyl chloride resin industry is a basic and energy intensive industry, which is greatly influenced by demand and energy price, and is also a basic chemical raw material. Therefore, it is closely related to economic development. In 2012, the domestic PVC resin production capacity is still decreasing, and the downstream demand growth is relatively slow, and the export is blocked and imports increase. Therefore, the domestic PVC resin enterprise has a low overall operating rate, a large number of spare capacity, and the market price is always keeping the middle and low prices. In addition, the listing of PVC resin futures has increased the uncertainty of the market price fluctuation of PVC resin to a certain extent. China's PVC resin industry will still be in a relatively difficult period of integration. There will be many factors affecting the development of PVC resin in the future.

3 export issues

According to China Chlor Alkali Industry Association statistics, as of the end of June 2013, domestic PVC (ambiguous resin) production capacity of 23 million 920 thousand tons / year. In the first half of 2013, the new production capacity of PVC was 860 thousand tons per year, 350 thousand tons per year, a net increase of 510 thousand tons per year, and all the output of the production capacity was the production device of the carbide method. The overall capacity expansion rate of the industry has obviously slowed down, but the trend of steady increase in capacity is still continuing. On the export side, the cumulative export volume of PVC in China increased by 152.4% in 1~5 compared with the same period last year. From the point of view of the flow, the largest export consumer market is India, and the number of goods exported to Russia has slowed down, ranking second. In addition, since the outbreak of the financial crisis, a great change has taken place in the global market and the trade environment. The trade protectionism of various countries is rising, and the trade frictions against the products of our enterprises have increased significantly.

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