What Is The Role Of Antistatic Hose In The Field Of Industrial Production? Why Should We Use An Anti-static HOSE?

Antistatic hose is widely used in the industrial field, and even indispensable. Such as dust, powder, fiber, debris and granular material; used in gaseous and liquid media, industrial dust removal and suction, industrial vacuum cleaner, paper or fabric fiber aspiration all need antistatic hoses. But why use anti-static hoses? What are the functions of this anti-static HOSE? Below, let's explain one of the LX hose plaits.

First, let's know what the main function of the anti-static hose is. This is not difficult to understand. Literally speaking, it's a hose to prevent static electricity. It is mainly applied in the case of electrostatic suction. The product can eliminate static electricity caused by friction. At present, it is very suitable for wearing solid, fiber, powder and granular materials.

What is the role of antistatic hose in the field of industrial production? Why should we use an anti-static HOSE?

Why use antistatic HOSE? According to the industrial situation, when the material of solid and liquid pass through the non conductance tube, it is sure to rub with the pipe. In this process, there will be harm, the main harm is the following two kinds:

First, if a point of friction occurs, there will be a discharge, and it is likely to ignite explosive gases, fog, powder mixture or water vapor. The items placed in the industrial workshop are very expensive and also have a certain risk, so if such a problem occurs in such an environment, the consequences can be unthinkable, and the staff of the workshops are estimated to be in danger of life.

Two, if a job is suddenly stopped, then the particle material, dust material and so on will stick to the inner wall of the pipe. For a long time, there will be a blockage in a serious case. Easy to cause the equipment failure, the failure must be necessary maintenance, this will produce costs, for enterprises to spend a lot of money, instead of losing money.