What Is The PVC Hose?

PVC hose industry is developing rapidly in the world today. Here, the use of hose has been widely used in life. What is the hose?

PVC rubber tube, used as a kind of tubular rubber products for transporting gas, liquid, slurry, or granular materials. The material of the skeleton layer can be made up of cotton fiber, various synthetic fibers, carbon fiber or asbestos, steel wire and so on. The general hose inside and outside the adhesive layer material with natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber or butadiene rubber; hose with chloroprene rubber, nitrile rubber; acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant hose with ethylene propylene rubber, fluorine rubber or silicone rubber etc..

The essence of PVC is a vacuum plastic film, which is used for surface packaging of various panels. Therefore, it is also known as decorative film and adhesive film, which is applied to many industries, such as building materials, packaging, medicine and many other industries. The building materials industry accounted for the largest proportion, 60%, followed by the packaging industry, and a number of other small range of applications.

The rubber hose, compared with the hose, focuses on the rubber hose formed by the extrusion of the polymer chemical raw materials through vulcanization. The hose includes a wider range of metal hoses, bellows, hydraulic hoses, etc.

There are many kinds of hose. The method of unified naming is named after different materials, structures and uses. The product is called material + structure (process) + usage + hose. For example: cotton wire woven oil resistant rubber hose; wire wound pressure resistant hose.

Many fields have been applied to the production of rubber hose life, summed up the use of working conditions, the common tube includes: water pipe, water pipe, steam pipe, pipe, sea food and beverage pipe, air pipe, welding pipe, gas pipe, ventilation pipe material, pipe and oil pipe, chemical pipe, high-pressure pipe etc..