What Is The Difference Between A Plastic Hose And A Plastic Hose?

In the eyes of the people of the industry, plastic and plastic are a kind of thing. Before, the domestic factories are called plastic factories, and the Hong Kong and Taiwan area is called the plastic factory for the plastic company. At present, in order to communicate with foreign businessmen, some foreign-funded enterprises in China have basically hung up on the brand of plastic * * Ltd. It can't be literally understood as plastic and rubber. In Hong Kong and the mainland speech differences, such as: panda, Taiwan is called "panda".

Plastic hose is an important part of modern industry. Plastic hose can be designed by a variety of solid wall or structural wall, and its connection is mainly by solvent bonding. According to the use of plasticizers, it can be divided into hard PVC (corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance relatively high, and the cost is relatively high.

Two plastic hoses, a totally airtight, watertight, such as rocket propellant for the delivery, gas, water heater; a plastic hose is the material used for winding, winding of the ordinary bellows for protection of cables, such as telephone cards, machine tools, and the lamp is bellows at in the production process of wire clip. It is mainly used for sensing line protection of precision optical ruler and protection of industrial sensor lines.