What Is A PVC Flame-retardant Rubber Hose?

PVC (full name Polyvinylchlorid), the main component of PVC, in addition to other ingredients to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, and so on. The top layer of the surface mask is lacquer. The main ingredient in the middle is PVC, and the bottom is the back coated adhesive.

PVC tube (PVC-U pipe) rigid polyvinyl chloride pipe is made of polyvinyl chloride resin and stabilizer, lubricant, etc. after hot pressing, it is the first developed plastic pipe. The PVC-U pipe has strong corrosion resistance, easy adhesion, low price and hard texture. But because of PVC-U monomer and additives exudation, it is only suitable for the water supply system with a temperature of less than 45 C. Plastic pipes are used for drainage, waste water, chemicals, heating fluids and coolants, food, ultra pure liquids, mud, gas, compressed air and vacuum systems.

PVC flame retardant rubber tube is a kind of synthetic material which is popular in the world and is widely used and widely used in the world. Its global use is second in a variety of synthetic materials. According to statistics, only one year in 1995, the production of PVC in Europe is about five million tons, and its consumption is five million and three hundred thousand tons. In Germany, the average production and consumption of PVC is one million and four hundred thousand tons.