What Are The Matters Of Attention When Using The PVC Hose

Now the PVC tube involves a wide range of applications. It is generally used to transport drinking water, waste water, chemicals, coolant and heating liquid, etc. Although the application field of PVC tube is very extensive, we must pay attention to several points when we use it.

When 1., the transport temperature can not exceed 45 degrees centigrade.

2. if the installation is often hit, the pipe must be darker or take protective measures.

3. in installation, must be far away from the heat source, after the installation, need to be washed, the water speed can not be more than 2m/s.

4. in the bonding time, bonding and construction work should not be below 5 DEG C, and the bond construction so it should be prohibited fireworks all know has a longer service life of PVC tube, so in the construction process, to regularly check in check in if there is abnormal, should immediately stop using, repair or the replacement of the pipe, when installing the PVC tube, must be perfect, or in the process of using pipe crack, Water Leakage phenomenon that is not good.