What Are The Classifications Of Plastic Hose?

What are the classifications of plastic hose? Rubber hose, a kind of tubular rubber product for transporting gas, liquid, slurry or granular material. It is made up of inner and outer glue layer and skeleton layer. The material of skeleton layer can be made of cotton fiber, various synthetic fibers, carbon fiber or asbestos, steel wire and so on. Natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, or butadiene rubber are used in the ordinary rubber tube, and the rubber tube is chloroprene rubber, NBR, acid alkali resistant, and high temperature resistant rubber tube, such as ethylene propylene rubber, fluoro rubber or silicone rubber.

The essence of PVC is a vacuum plastic film, which is used for the surface packing of various panels. So it is also called decorative film and adhesive film. It is used in many industries, such as building materials, packaging, medicine and so on. The largest proportion of the building materials industry is 60%, followed by the packaging industry, as well as a number of other small sectors.

There are many kinds of PVC heat-resistant rubber hose. The unified naming method is named for different materials, structures and uses. The product is fully named: material + structure (process) + use + hose. For example: cotton knitted oil resistant hose; steel wire winding pressure resistant hose.

Chemical rubber tube

Multi-functional chemical hose is a good corrosion resistance of strong solvent and strong acid and alkali medium, and can be used to transport nearly all known chemical hose of benzene [toluene, xylene] ketone [butanone, acetone, cyclohexanone] ester [butyl, ethyl], alcohol, aldehydes, acids, bases, chlorinated hydrocarbons, etc. The solvent hose is widely used in the production process of chemical, paint, paint and ink industry to transport and discharge paint, dye, ink, paint, chemical additives and benzene and ketone organic solvents; storage and transportation of chemical industry filling trucks, barges, wharfs or storage tanks to transport and discharge a variety of solvent, acid alkali and other strong corrosiveness Chemicals; transport ink (oil-based ink and water-based ink) in the printing and packaging industry.

hydraulic hose

Use: for various engineering buildings, transportation, injection molding, agricultural machinery, metallurgy = forging, mining equipment, ships, machine tools, high pressure liquid and hydraulic transmission in all kinds of mechanization and automation systems at the first level. The general tool of futures is used for hydraulic hose, mainly used in various manual, electric hydraulic jacks, or similar tools for transferring pressure source. The medium is hydraulic oil, fuel oil, first grade water, air and water based liquid (except castor oil, fat base liquid), medium temperature degree: oil -40 C - +100, air -30 C - +50 C, water emulsion below +80 C.

high pressure hose

coal industry

There are mainly hydraulic supports and hose pipes for coal industry. Some coal mine hydraulic support pressure requirements have been improved, a part of steel wire braided hose can not meet its performance requirements, require the use of wire winding tubing. In addition, in order to prevent coal dust pollution and improve production safety during coal mining in coal mine, the variety of oil pipe used in coal mine, such as the telescopic oil pipe of coal seams, is used for water injection and grouting to coal seam before fully mechanized coal mining. It is reported that the factory has been produced in China and has been tried out by more than ten coal mines, which can replace similar imported products.

petroleum industry

In twenty-first Century, China's offshore oil development strategy put forward the key development of offshore and shallow offshore oil fields. Therefore, in addition to the use of drilling tubing and vibration tubing, the oil industry also requires the use of shallow offshore oil pipeline. Shallow sea offshore oil pipelines have been produced in China, but floating or semi floating oil pipelines and deep-sea seabed oil pipelines still rely on imports. With the implementation of China offshore oil development strategy, offshore oil production will continue to improve the performance of tubing.

Metallurgical Industry

The equipment used in the process of making iron and steel has continuous casting equipment, which is divided into electric furnace converter and hot stove converter. The requirements for the rubber pipe must be armored, used for temperature, temperature and temperature, and in the use of oil pump and pump station, in addition to the requirement to meet the qualified pressure, it is to meet the requirements of aging resistance.