What Are The Characteristics Of The Plastic Hose

What are the characteristics of the plastic hose

(1) energy saving and consumption reduction:

The power system of ultra low energy consumption is 28W-70W, and the average consumption of electricity is only 0.7 degrees per day, and the operation cost is reduced to the maximum. At the same time, ventilation and ventilation do not need to open the window, to avoid the winter heating and the summer air conditioning refrigeration energy loss. Make your daily expenses greatly reduced!

(2) healthy and environmental protection:

365 days a year, 24 hours a day, provide fresh air for indoor, and remove harmful gases and bacteria, viruses and odors. At the same time, exclude water vapor, avoid walls, furniture moldy and damp, and keep indoor air healthy.

(3) tranquil and comfortable:

The sound of the system is only 26.4 decibels, and there is no need to endure the noise caused by the window, so that you can enjoy a quiet and comfortable living space!

(4) sanitary and dustproof:

Completely avoid air impurities and dust caused by windowing, help you save the tedious cleaning work, so that you have more time to enjoy life, entertainment and rest.

High efficiency and stability: