Various Properties Of The Thread Hose Of The Plastic Hose Vacuum Cleaner

Various attributes of the thread hose of the vacuum cleaner

Keywords: PVC hose, plastic hose, PVC steel pipe, PVC fiber hose, PVC reinforced hose, PVC transparent hose, PVC steel pipe equipment suction hose, vacuum cleaner hose, smooth, soft, tearing distortion inside the vacuum hose of vacuum cleaner, good mechanical properties, especially suitable for exposure of mixed material. In the environment (explosion protection); used in home and industrial vacuum cleaning equipment; widely used in fields of farmland irrigation, industrial and mining, oil depot, sand pumping, sandblasting, food, medicine and indoor gas, powder, dust absorption and so on.

The properties of the suction hose, vacuum cleaner hose and vacuum cleaner hose are as follows:

1. light

2. high scalability

3. good alkali resistance and acid resistance

4. good anti UV and ozone resistance

5. gas and liquid do not leak

6. anti extrusion protection

7. floating

8. light weight

The structure of suction hose, vacuum cleaner hose and vacuum cleaner thread hose:

1. self supporting protection structure

2. open external geometric design

Temperature range: about -45 to +80 C

Specifications: 32, 38, 45, 50MM, other specifications can be customized.

Color: black, silver gray, other can be made;

Operation limit vacuum (negative pressure): 0.500bar, positive pressure 3bar;