Troubleshooting Of Manual Sprayers And Small Motor Sprayers

Troubleshooting of manual sprayers and small motor sprayers

Manual sprayer

1., the fog can not spray and drip, the reason is that the filter screen plugged in the tube, two is the nozzle oblique hole plug, remove, remove the plug can be.

2. spray water and gas at the same time. The reason is that the infusion barrel pipe weld sealing off, or infusion tube is required for liquid corrosion, welding or replacement.

3., the ejected mist is scattered and not conical, because the shape of the spray hole is not correct or blocked by dirt, resulting in poor atomization. The nozzle cap should be unscrewed to adjust and remove the dirt from the spray hole.

The reason that the 4. air pump does not enter the air is that the leather bowl is dry shrunk and worn and ruptured; two, the screw on the bottom of the leather bowl falls off, and the leather bowl is taken off. Dry shrink leather bowl, unloading in the oil or animal oil soaked, to be inflated and then loaded; the cracked leather bowl to replace the new, screw loose, install the leather bowl after tightening.

5. pump or gland cover with water gas leakage caused by this situation is mainly Mifengbuyan, should check whether or not damage the rubber gasket and flange pad, whether desoldering pump, as the case should be replaced washers, installation and repair for site leveling off.

6. plug and take water pump and pump gland wall bottom sealing off, or ball valve shell and the valve body is dirt stuck not close, will cause the water to run. Welding or cleaning shall be carried out as appropriate.

Asbestos rope 7. switch Water Leakage switch is damaged or switch under the cap aging gap will lead to Water Leakage, as the case should be replaced with a new or changing new cotton rope, can be tightened.

Two 、 small motor sprayer

1., can not start or start difficult, the reasons: first, the tank is no oil, plus fuel can be. The oil circuit is not clear, should clean up the oil road. The fuel is too dirty and there is water in the oil, so you need to change the fuel. Enter the cylinder too much oil, remove the spark plug idling laps, and then plug the plug dry. If the spark plug does not jump fire, too much carbon deposits or the insulator is broken down, the carbon deposits or regeneration insulators should be removed. The spark plug gap, platinum to adjust properly, should be re adjusted. The capacitor breakdown, or broken off the solution of high-voltage wire, high voltage coil breakdown, to repair and renewal. There is oil or burn the platinum, remove grease or grinding burn can be part of. To the spark plug is not tightened, crankcase leakage, cylinder pad burn, should be secured or update the relevant parts of cylinder pad. Both ends of the crankcase self tight seal wear serious, should be replaced. The main air valve does not open, open to.

2. can start, but the power shortage is the following reasons: insufficient oil supply, the main hole plugging, air filter blockage, etc., should be cleaned and clear. If the clearance of platinum is too small or the ignition time is too early, adjustment should be made. The excessive carbon deposition chamber, the gas mixture appears precombustion phenomenon (characterized by high body temperature), should remove coke. The cylinder liner, piston and piston ring are badly worn and new parts should be replaced. If the mixture is too dilute, the contrast should be increased.

3., engine running is not smooth, the reasons are as follows: the main parts wear seriously, the phenomenon of knock and shake in the movement, should replace parts. Ignition time is too early, tempering phenomenon must be checked and adjusted. Platinum wear or loose, should be updated or tightened. Float room with water or deposition of oil, causing the operation is not smooth, cleaning can be.

4., the sudden flameout in operation, the reasons are as follows: fuel oil should be burned. The high voltage line falls off, and then it can be connected. The throttle operating mechanism should be removed and repaired. When the spark plug is broken, it must be replaced.

5., pesticide spray does not spray reasons: (1) low speed, should be accelerated. Fan blade angle deformation, installed Limited air door is not opened, depending on the situation. The nozzle shaft in the ultra-low nozzle is bent, and the high pressure jet nozzle has debris or serious wear and tear, so it should be dealt with accordingly.

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