The Wide Application Of Plastic Hoses In Industry And The Performance Of Plastic Hoses

The wide application of plastic hoses in industry and the performance of plastic hoses are widely used in modern industry. Therefore, it is an important part of industrial production, mainly used for protection pipes of wires and cables and civil shower hoses, while plastic soft pipes are mainly used as materials for materials. It can be used not only to protect the cable, but also to use the propellant of the launch vehicle or the transportation gas. It has brought the advantage for people to use in life. The plastic hose is mainly made of polyester type polyurethane, and it also has a shockproof hard PVC spiral. The reinforcement can effectively protect the performance of the hose in the process of use, even at a relatively low temperature can also maintain a better softness, different breakage and other phenomena.

The inner wall of the plastic hose can maintain a very smooth and seamless feature, ensuring the smooth and fluency of the material in the process of transportation, and also has good chemical resistance, ultraviolet resistance and so on. It can be used in very bad environment, such as the use of the materials such as sharp wood chips for the woodworking workshop. It is widely used in the plastics industry and the ceramic industry.

With the development of modern industry, hose plays an important part in industry. Plastic hose can be divided into one kind is fully air tight, water tight, mainly used for gas, water heater and so on; the other is to continue winding with material, common plastic corrugated hose for the protection of cable, mainly used in machine tools, telephone and so on.

Nowadays, the plastic hoses we encounter are more common. They have great flexibility in pitch distance. They can be telescopic and telescopic. There is no clogging and rigid; plastic hose is light weight, pipe mouth diameter is the same; in softness, plastic hose can be heavy in bending, good wound, good wear resistance of plastic hose, can prevent pipe damage; plastic hose can bend freely, tensile properties and side are also strong; surface soft and smooth, convenient slippery surface, In line and installation.