The Use Instructions Of PVC Lay Flat Hose

People know the PVC lay flat hose, but may not know about the hose with the knowledge, today we have to look at the water droplets ah some common little knowledge.

First, the unit of measurement of hose

Fire hose with four kinds of units of measurement -

1, "plate". Wrapped around the water belt interface, and rolled up the water is called "plate";

2, "volume". There is no water interface, rolled up the water is called "roll", which is usually used as a commodity or inventory;

3, "Article". Thrown off the hose called "bar";

4, "section". Connected to the water supply line, in the actual state of the water is called "section".

Second, the fire hose some of the unconventional use

1, hazardous chemicals tanker when lifting the protection.

2, the transfer of hazardous materials leakage point.

3, hypoxic space of the air supply pipeline.

4, floor escape self-help assistance.

Third, the use of hose to pay attention to the matter

1, the water in the jacket on the interface, the need to pad a layer of soft protector, and then with galvanized iron wire or throat tightening;

2, to prevent the direct role of flame and radiant heat, with particular attention not to make water and high temperature objects in contact;

3, pay attention to water and not with oil, acid, alkali and other corrosive chemicals contact;

4, the laying of water, to avoid sharp objects and a variety of oils, to the height of the vertical laying water, the use of water hook. When laying water pipes through traffic arteries, they should be covered with water. Through the railway, the water should pass from below the track to avoid the water is crushed by the wheels and intermittent water supply;

5, the water should be avoided after the water on the ground forced to drag, you need to change the location to try to lift the movement to reduce the wear and tear on the ground;

6, the use of broken holes found in the application of water wrapped cloth wrapped tight. Strict winter season, in the fire to be suspended when the water supply, in order to prevent water and ice, the pump to be slow operation, to maintain a smaller amount of water;

7, should be high pressure water connected to the pump near the place, after filling the water should prevent the reverse or sudden bending, and should prevent the water interface collision damage.

Whether it is life or work are some unobtrusive little knowledge, these little knowledge of the humble but it allows you to better understand and more familiar with the items to use it more handy.

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