The Role Of PVC Tube

In China's huge plastic pipe market, PVC pipe plays an important role. As the largest output and occupy nearly 70% share in the pipe market, PVC has always been the focus of investment. But it is this almost blind centralized investment that has led to the PVC pipeline industry being bogged down by overcapacity. The serious imbalance of supply and demand makes a lot of production enterprises compete for the market in order to win the price, the price is far below the cost of production to attract users, and the reasonable industry profit is squeezed in this vicious competition.

In order to make a profit, some manufacturers began to add a lot of filler in the PVC pipe and set up their feet on the thickness of the tube wall, and the short sight behavior of drinking poison to quench thirst also caused the user's distrust of the PVC tube. As a result, the PVC pipe market plunged into an increasingly low price and more and more quality circle, so that in Beijing and other markets, many designers did not even take the PVC tube into consideration when choosing pipes and chose to choose the complex and high cost cast iron pipes.