The Development Status Of PVC Pipe Industry In 2017 2

The expansion of application areas and market promotion needs to be improved, and the application and supporting technologies need further improvement. Industry and product publicity, science popularization and other aspects are not yet in place, which has affected the expansion of the rational use and application of plastic pipelines. The related work of the industry association remains to be improved, and the promotion and publicity should be strengthened. At present, the application market of products is also concentrated in a limited number of fields, as well as the opportunity to develop new application markets. The supporting technology of some products is not complete, and the standardization of the design, construction and acceptance of some products is lagging behind.

The market is not standardized, some enterprises poor product quality, affecting the healthy development of the industry, because the plastic pipe market is still not standardized, some buyers are not end-user products, do not pay attention to the brand and quality, resulting in different quality products on the market exist at the same time, even the local quality price low product better sales, but also PVC-U more serious. It is understood that a variety of PVC-U production enterprises in a county area have more than 500, and most of them are family workshops, the quality of which can be imagined. The cost of PVC-U pipeline accounts for about 70% of raw material price. Individual businesses reduce product costs by reducing wall thickness and adding calcium carbonate and other products, resulting in poor quality of products. Other businesses use more than two different quality trademarks, use low-grade processing equipment, drinking water pipes and lead salt stabilizer to reduce costs, damage consumers' rights and interests, and destroy the credibility of the industry.

The quality of construction should be further improved. The quality of --PVC-U pipeline engineering is largely determined by the level of construction. Good products and good construction can ensure the good operation of pipeline system. Some engineers lack professional training. In practice, they follow the way of metal tube design and construction. There are irregular construction and barbaric construction. They fail to give full play to the technical and economic performance of PVC-U pipeline, and even cause pipeline damage. Some users still do not know how plastic pipes should be used in construction and supervision according to regulations.