The Development History Of PVC Rubber Hose Customization

PVC profile products have experienced import and high-speed development period. From the time perspective, they can be defined as twentieth Century 80s, mid 90s and 1995 2002. After 2003, the PVC profile industry has entered a transition period. In the introduction period of products: manufacturers generally pursue low cost, simplify the section of door and window profiles, and fill calcium carbonate in a large number of formulas, resulting in low product performance. Many quality problems have affected the promotion of products.

The beginning of 1995, a number of powerful enterprises, began the digestion and absorption of technology essence of foreign European Section, developed a series of doors and windows, has become the leading domestic plastic doors and windows, doors and windows update and promote technology development, the whole industry has got unprecedented development and high growth rate. Entered the mature period, i.e. from 2003 onwards, many drawbacks began to respond, exorbitant interest rates lead to blind investment, the industry overall production capacity of nearly 3 million tons, much higher than the market demand; many new investors not from product innovation, technological innovation, but a simple imitation, even Jerry fake fake, trade market competition is in non health state. The market price of raw materials continues to rise, aggravating this kind of non - healthy competition, making the business of some enterprises in a difficult position, and there is a state of stopping production or halting production.

Hear the PVC development history of this custom hose, Xiaobian to deter, as one of the products of the development of science and technology, PVC pipe in daily life everywhere and.