Technical Measures For Targeted Spraying?

Technical measures for targeted spraying?

There are four main technical measures for targeted spraying:

Adjust the angle of the nozzle so that the mist stream can be sprayed to the undetermined part of the crop;

Using the powerful airflow generated by the air blower, the mist stream is blown to the crops, and the mist stream can be sent to a specific part of the fruit tree in combination with the adjustment of the nozzle angle;

Cover up crops and weeds with plastic film and other covering materials; spray nozzles are installed in the hood to spray crops or weeds;

An advanced device is used to spray the gap, so that the sprayer automatically sprays when it encounters crops and automatically stops spraying when it leaves the crops. The knapsack type manual sprayer used in our country now applies the spray method, and the spray stream is not far away.

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