Sprinkler Tape Mainly Used In

Sprinkler Tape Mainly used in

Water spray tape manufacturers produced by the production of water-jet tape, the above are the need to design some stripes, then these stripes it has what role? Today Xiaobian put their knowledge to know the introduction to everyone, the specific Find out about it!

In fact, in the use of the process, we will find that in the water strip above the design stripes, can effectively play the role of anti-hot, anti-skid, when it is made into stripes, then it will make the contact form of water Change, no twill when the surface is made into a twill into a line after the contact, making the product contact area increased, followed by this design is to increase the cooling area to help heat, but also because of terrain terrain High and low conditions of use under different circumstances, can effectively avoid excessive friction for the product itself caused by damage.

Water tapes produced by the manufacturers of water in the daily time, mainly used in agriculture, it appears to reduce the soil erosion, but also improve the crop harvest, so now many families are using it. Waterjet tape manufacturers tell us that when we choose it in the time, the most important thing is the quality of the product, so the purchase should pay attention to check him, then for the inspection of the knowledge you know it "

First of all, we need to know is that when using the waterjet tape, after a period of time, it must be replaced, or to the relevant maintenance units for maintenance, at least once a year to see if there is a variety of water problem. Sometimes because of the use of waterjet tape for too long, may also occur inside the wall adhesion, regular inspection can be a good check out these hidden dangers. In the case of a watertight tape inspection, if there is a certain does not meet the requirements of this standard, to allow the re-test once, at the time of re-inspection is still the most economical way to double the sample extraction.

In fact, it is to check it, mainly to prevent it in the course of work, there are some problems, when using it, it should pay special attention to the use of the correct maintenance method, so you can extend its life The. Waterjet tape in the injection of the time, it will seriously affect its quality, then when the injection process, it needs to pay attention to what the problem? Today Xiaobian put their knowledge to know to everyone, the specific understanding What about it!

First of all, we need to know is that when it is injection molding, the product of raw materials, equipment is a great demand, especially for the process requires a strict grasp, it is because it is through the product Light rate is relatively high, so when the injection is not able to have any markings, stomata, whitening, fog halo, black spots and other phenomena appear, and secondly is to be able to better achieve the quality we need, so In the production of time, need to degree, injection speed and other processes to make some adjustments, so that when the injection molding material can not only full of mold, without causing internal stress caused by product deformation and cracking.