Sprinkler Tape Irrigation Methods

Sprinkler Tape Irrigation methods

Water spray tape drip irrigation pipe size to be suitable for crop needs [pressure reducing valve]. For example: fruit trees generally need to irrigation [valve] large amount of water, so the use of turbulence as a drip irrigation emitters, vegetables and fruits generally use waterjet tape or drip irrigation tube. Drip irrigation pipe to be suitable for crop needs [pressure reducing valve]. For example: cucumber, tomato and other crops generally use the film under the water spray tape, drip irrigation under the film to reduce air humidity and reduce the incidence. Flowers, nursery, fungi generally use micro-nozzle or micro-spray belt, increase air humidity, and promote crop growth. The choice of drip irrigation pipe to follow the economic application of laminated filter, scientific and reasonable, simple operation, easy management principles. Scientific irrigation is the way to promote the irrigation, including drip irrigation, micro-spray, infiltration irrigation, sprinkler and other modern irrigation methods. Need to [pressure reducing valve] according to the corresponding plant water characteristics, fertility stage, climate, soil conditions [exhaust valve equipment] and so do a reasonable design, develop the appropriate irrigation system, timely, appropriate, reasonable irrigation. This kind of way can be done with local precision irrigation, in addition to the soil moisture used to meet the needs of plant growth [pressure reducing valve], but also fertilizer, pesticide dissolved in water, combined with fertilizer pump and other modern fertilization device fertilization The But also to avoid soil salinization, has been the emergence of salinized soil, irrigation can be used to rinse the soil in the soluble salt to improve the soil. In addition, scientific irrigation methods can also play a role in the prevention of frost and the prevention of dry and hot wind damage to fruit trees, as well as to prevent soil erosion and other effects.

In recent years due to [atomization nozzle] drip irrigation area continues to increase, raw material supply has been relatively tight, especially the old water tapes, every day is in hot demand. Market [water spray tape] gap, the shortage of raw materials. People turned their attention to other areas, making the waste film, waste film, imported foreign garbage, are used as waterjet tape raw materials. These raw materials due to [atomization nozzle] congenital fatal defects, plastic macromolecules break, decomposition, aging serious. The performance of the deterioration of the strength, melting point, the manufacture of water-jet tape in the use of [exhaust valve equipment], produced a lot of quality problems.

From the top of the analysis can be seen waste film, greenhouse film, due to [atomization nozzle] aging caused by molecular chain breakage, molecular weight reduction exhaust valve. Imports of foreign garbage raw materials mixed, can not be subdivided, the quality is not guaranteed. Year after year of water recycling tape recycling, coupled with open fire granulation, resulting in molecular chain breakage, molecular weight reduction exhaust valve, very serious. Low-pressure (PE pipe) pipeline irrigation in recent years pe pipe developed a water-saving, energy-saving irrigation technology, it is through artificial measures or natural pressure to irrigation water pressure, and then by the low-pressure pipe network (water , Drip irrigation pipe) Irrigation water into the field water supply pipe for irrigation, the working pressure range pe pipe in 0.2-0.20 MPa (mpa). Pipeline (PE pipe) water system covers an area of less, suitable for laminated filter strong, easy management, reduce irrigation water leakage and evaporation losses. However, some irrigation areas due to [atomization nozzle management and field irrigation technology is not matched and other reasons, a large part of the project failed to invest in normal use. In fact, low-pressure pipe (PE pipe) irrigation is only the problem of water delivery. At present, most of the areas of water-jet tape irrigation technology is still using the traditional ditch, border irrigation, due to [spray nozzle] ditch, furrow irrigation quota, irrigation quality is poor, serious waste of water resources, and often quasi-rain, The soil is too wet to cause bitter damage to the crop. In view of this situation, we do not change the layout of the low-pressure pipeline system, the appropriate increase in the pipeline water supply pressure, supplemented by porous micro-jet irrigation technology, that is, low-pressure pipe outlet plug connected to the porous micro-spray, A kind of porous microbubbling is used as field irrigation system. Compared with ditch and border irrigation, this method is simple, water-saving and energy-saving, and the irrigation uniformity is high.

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