Spray Tube Pipe Installation

Spray Tube Pipe installation

Pipeline installation pipeline installation steps, starting from the installation of the main pipe, and then install the riser and branch pipe, can be pre-processed in accordance with the drawings of various types of pipe fittings, such as pipe elbow valve cleaning and assembly. 1) the installation of the trunk, the vertical hanger installed, the pipe can be erected connection. Pipe and pipe fittings can be assembled in the ground, the length to facilitate the lifting is appropriate. After lifting, gently fall on the bracket, with the bracket on the clasp fixed to prevent rolling off. Threaded pipe can be tightened when lifting. After the installation of the trunk, but also dial up straight; from the pipe side to see the whole pipeline in a straight line. The diameter of the main pipe, to be separated from the branch pipe, the distance from the main branch pipe to a certain distance, the size is equal to the diameter of the tube, but not less than 100 mm. After the installation of the trunk, and then the level of each section in a review, to prevent the local pipe section "waist" or "arch" phenomenon. 2) support, riser installation pipe can be installed after the installation of riser. If the length of the riser is longer, if the thread is connected, the vertical pipe can be determined according to the drawings, and the actual size is recorded on the drawing. After installation through the straightening, the pipe pipe to do a good number, and then open to the scene to re-assembly. This installation method is also the first pop-up position line in the wall, but must be installed in the device after the installation can be connected. The installation method is the same as the riser. 8. Pipeline pressure and air tightness test After installation of the pipeline, after the above pipeline inspection is correct, you can for different media, different grades of piping system, according to the pipeline specifications to prepare pipeline pressure, gas Tight test and pipeline cleaning of the construction program, reported to the supervision or design institute can be implemented after approval. 1) Preparation before the pressure test a. Set the inlet, test piping at least two pressure gauge, test the discharge of the discharge direction should be considered safe to prevent harm. B. Equipment, the instrument shall not be subjected to pressure test, separated by blind plate, control valve, orifice plate, safety valve, etc. shall not be installed during the test, should be replaced by short tube, after the test recovery. C. Do not apply to the welding parts before the test insulation, cold, painting and other operations.

2) pressure test a. The use of water, the test pressure for the design work pressure of 1.5 times in 30 minutes the pressure shall not drop 0.05Mpa, the appearance of inspection, to not leak as qualified. Fill in the test records, confirmed by full-time inspectors and Party A visa.

Grooved clamp connection construction method 1) drilling machine operating procedures: a. Drilling machine placed in a suitable environment. B. Reliable power supply, pay attention to safe use of electricity. C. The hole is fixed to the corresponding position on the drill floor. D. Adjust the pipe axis to the lower position of the drill bit. E. Good hole drilling. F. Uniform force, and add water to cool, prevent drill damage, and is strictly prohibited wearing gloves operation. G. After the hole is well opened, clean the hole around d + 16 mm (including burrs, iron, rust, oil, etc.).