Spray Tube Mechanical Processing Performance

Spray Tube Mechanical processing performance

The steel has been incorporated into GB1299-85 national standard steel number. It has a good thermal fatigue performance, tempering stability and good performance of smelting, forging, heat treatment and machining process performance, is the excellent comprehensive performance, conforms to our country resource conditions of high toughness hot-work die steel grade. Is suitable for high temperature, high load, snap heat and cold press forging die and bearing under the condition of hot forging die

, forming roll forging die steel, high strength and high precision forging, die casting, aluminum and copper alloy hot extrusion mould, etc. Service life than 3 cr2w8v increase 1 to 4 times. In the high temperature performance significantly

In the H13 steel.

2. HM3 hot-work die steel

The steel grade and the HM1 for the same series products, its high temperature strength properties and thermal fatigue performance is very outstanding, especially suitable for large impact load, high operating temperature of the mold. Period of forming dies, such as roller

Metal die-casting mold, heat-resistant stainless steel and high strength material forging forming mould, bearing ring ring hot forging molding die, etc., service life compared to the original use H13, 3 cr2w8v and 5 crnimo has doubled.

3. The RM2 hot-work die steel

RM2 steel is steel, a versatile matrix can be used for hot-work die, also can be used for cold work mould. The steel has been included in GB1299-85 national standards, has a very high heat strength and red hardness,

Thermal stability and high temperature wear resistance performance. Particularly suitable for copper alloy extrusion die, die temperature and smaller impact load of hot extrusion punch die. In trimming die, the gear precision forging die, bearing ring squeeze

The application of pressure punch, rolling of stainless steel tableware mold life are much higher than the original use H13, 3 cr2w8v steel.

4. JDH3 hot-work die steel

The grade of steel is a kind of newly developed mold material, its performance characteristic is between HM1, HM3 and H13, namely strength higher than that of HM3, toughness is higher than the HM1, thermal fatigue performance than H13 steel. Is mainly used

In hot forging die, forging die, roll forging die. Alloy steel, alloy steel also called special steel. Moderation in carbon steel join one or several kinds of alloy elements, the steel structure change, from

And make the steel has a variety of special properties, such as strength, hardness, plasticity and toughness, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and many other excellent properties. Here are some performance and use of special steel


1. Tungsten steel, manganese steel, hardness is very big, manufacturing metal processing tools, crawler tractor and axle, etc.

2. Manganese silicon steel, particularly strong toughness, leaf spring, spring coil, etc.

3. Molybdenum steel, high temperature resistance for planes of the crankshaft, especially hard tools, etc.

4. Stellite alloy, hardness, toughness is very strong Do the machine tool and mould, etc.

5. Nickel chrome steel (stainless steel) : corrosion resistance is strong, not easy oxidation acid towers on the manufacturing chemical production, medical equipment and supplies, etc.