Spot Check Of PVC Profiles And Rubber Hoses

Spot check of PVC profiles and rubber hoses

Xuzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau yesterday released test results of the circulation of goods quality and food safety checks, the qualified rate of PVC material, rubber hose is zero, clothing, radiation-proof clothes, bedding, floor, electronic toilet qualified rate is below 30%.

Xuzhou industrial and commercial bureau has carried out spot checks on commodity quality and food safety in the three circulation areas this year. The first batch of 30 commodities tested, 593 batches. Among them, 354 batches of qualified, unqualified 239 batches, the pass rate of 60%. The qualified rate of the detection of commodity gas stove, furniture, electric vehicles, faucets, sanitary napkins, children's toys were 100%; the low pass rate of the goods, clothing radiation-proof clothes, bedding, floor, electronic toilet, the qualified rate is below 30%; and the qualified rate of PVC material, rubber hose zero.

In July, in order to focus on household appliances, decoration materials and other key commodities, with the focus of shopping malls, supermarkets, professional stores, carried out second circulation commodity quality sampling inspection, testing a total of 18 varieties of goods, 255 batches.

On August, moon cake, candied fruit, egg products, puffed food and other varieties to carry out quality checks, a total sample of 100 batches, the main indicators of acid value, the total number of colonies, additives and other main check. Industrial and commercial law enforcement departments will immediately be ordered to withdraw from the market and punish severely according to law. At the same time, special work arrangements have been made for key places such as schools, urban communities, rural markets, and so on, to investigate and deal with illegal behaviors of "three noes" and expired food severely.

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