Silica Gel Steel Pipe, Good Corrosion-resistant Pipe

Silica gel steel pipe, good corrosion-resistant pipe

For example, the PVC steel wire reinforced hose produced in the PVC hose industry is called "steel pipe" within the industry. PVC steel wire spiral reinforced hose is made of steel wire reinforced PVC hose, and steel wire tube can be divided into high voltage steel wire pipe, low voltage steel wire tube, steel skeleton pipe and transparent steel wire pipe. High pressure steel wire pipes can be further divided into steel wire braided hose and steel wire winding hose. Low pressure steel wire and steel skeleton pipe can be collectively referred to as low pressure hose, and transparent steel tube mainly refers to PVC plastic hose. The transparent steel wire pipe is also the PVC steel wire spiral reinforced hose.

The product is made of PVC plastic as the main body, with spiral steel wire as the reinforcement layer. Therefore, the product is rigid and flexible, which has enough mechanical properties and rigidity, and has excellent flexibility. There are many types of steel wire pipes, which means that it can better meet the practical needs. Their use is very good, and the corrosion resistance of them is very good. The scope of their use is also a lot. They are all made by high-tech technology.

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