PVC Transparent Steel Wire Hose

PVC transparent steel wire hose

brief introduction

PVC steel hose is a transparent hose with PVC thread embedded metal wire. The inner and outer pipe walls are even and smooth with no bubbles. With pressure, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, can be good flexibility, advantages of embrittlement, aging is not easy, can replace the ordinary rubber reinforced pipe, PE pipe, soft and hard PVC pipe and metal pipe. The product meets the needs of the new pipe industry in the fields of machinery, petroleum, chemical, national defense, manufacturing and other industries. Used by many manufacturers to good effect, is easy to observe the operating condition of the pipeline fluid, and solves the problem of rubber tube in the process of using rubber aging off, is ideal for a new generation of liquid conveying hose, the performance indicators have reached the international advanced level. This product is an embedded spiral steel wire skeleton PVC non-toxic transparent hose, use temperature 0-+80 degrees, the product has high elasticity, abrasion resistance and excellent solvent resistance (most chemical additive), can be used for vacuum pumps, agricultural machinery, irrigation equipment, petrochemical equipment, plastic processing machinery and food machinery line.

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Transparent steel pipe is widely used in industry, agriculture, food, pharmaceutical and building, wind power and other industries, suction and drainage, oil, low concentration chemicals and other liquid and solid particles, powder materials.


The transparent steel pipe is PVC hose with embedded steel skeleton. Inside and outside the tube wall transparent, smooth, no bubbles, fluid transport clearly visible; low concentration of acid and alkali, high elasticity, easy aging, long service life; resistance to high pressure, in a high-pressure vacuum can maintain the status quo.

1. high elasticity, high strength galvanized wire, high quality PVC synthetic material;

2. clear transparent tube, flexible and small bending radius;

3., high negative pressure, corrosion resistance, non-toxic materials, long service life;

4., it is used in agriculture, water pump machinery, oil depot, petrochemical equipment, industry, engineering, mining, food manufacturing and other fields of liquid, gas, oil, dust suction row. Most work environments can replace rubber pipes.

Temperature range: -10 DEG C, ~+65 DEG C

Working pressure: 0.4Mpa

Bursting pressure: 1.2MPa

Specification: inner diameter 10-250mm, wall thickness 2-15mm

Model: complete, according to customer requirements

Packing: suitable for long distance transportation

Quantity: 10-50m/ volume

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