PVC Suction Hose Mainly Divided Into

PVC Suction Hose Mainly divided into

The main role of farmland irrigation project is to irrigate farmland, the pipeline is also used in accordance with the relevant steps and methods of use, the only way to make the project to play a maximum role in the field of PVC suction hose will not be damaged, life expectancy A maximum extension of the irrigation efficiency is essentially improved.

Farmland irrigation projects in use should refer to the relevant operating rules to use, to ensure that irrigation works can be carried out smoothly, buried irrigation projects, before opening the pump to check all the farmland PVC suction hose valve is open, If you do not open the forced closure of Sheung Shui, it will make farmland PVC suction hose because the pressure is too large to rupture of the pipe, the pressure adjustment is necessary to master, farmland irrigation projects in the use of the process often need to inspect farmland PVC pumping Suction hose situation, so that there are problems in a timely manner to deal with, not to enlarge small problems, big problems eventually lead to accidents, it will cause some losses for crops. There are many types of farmland PVC suction hose, which is mainly divided into PE farmland PVC suction hose and PVC farmland PVC suction hose, the two kinds of pipe material has a very big difference, a hard one The kind of soft texture, texture is PVC farmland PVC suction hose in the construction of suitable for burial and overhead operations, its higher hardness, structural strength is also high, reliable, in the overhead construction time The phenomenon of bending will not occur, so when it is overhead to use this farm PVC suction hose, and the other is the farmland PVC suction hose PE, this pipe farmland PVC suction hose strength is very high , Soft texture, very suitable for non-excavation type of operation, is the use of drill pipe to pull the pipeline to the ground, so the benefits of construction is to avoid the excavation of the road so that the loss of the ground to minimize the project Efficiency is very high, the cost has been, effectively reduce the quality of the project greatly improved,

Farmland PVC suction hose is our farmland irrigation project is a very important kind of pipe, the entire project is inseparable from the farmland PVC suction hose, when used in farmland PVC suction hose is very high Of the quality requirements, the quality of farmland PVC suction hose determines the quality of the entire project, so farmland PVC suction hose quality requirements should be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, in the implementation can not be sloppy sloppy And not standardized.

There are many advantages in setting up farmland irrigation projects, such as land conservation. Farmland PVC suction hose buried in the ground, does not affect the cultivation of above-ground crops. So a lot of land savings, water conservation , Farmland PVC suction hose is a sealed structure to prevent the evaporation and leakage of water, so that 100% of the irrigation water to the roots of crops, the real increase production and income of the role, there is the saving of man-made, in use When you open the valve can be irrigated farmland, the real realization of the single operation.

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