PVC Suction Hose High Heat Resistance

PVC Suction Hose High heat resistance

Advantages of PVC Suction Hose

 【High heat resistance】 can heat 150 ℃ within the high temperature fluid, can be carried out within the food hose cleaning and cleaning (with conditions)

[Best suited for low temperature delivery] at very low temperatures can also maintain good flexibility, can be used as filling and transport piping hose

[Reduce the joint decomposition cleaning operation] There are a variety of special joints, can reduce the food hose piping decomposition cleaning operations, is suitable for filling operations piping hose

* Liquid is not easy to accumulate the joint structure

(In line with the law) in full compliance with the "Food Sanitation Law" (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Notice No. 595, 1951 Ministry of Health and Welfare Notice No. 52) and FDA specifications, can be safe to use

* FDA DMF Type II (No. 25486)

[Special strengthening of the structure, anti-rupture] unique strengthening of the structure, to prevent the edge of the edge of the wire break, improve reliability

[Tasteless, odorless] no smell, there will be no impact on the dissolution of the fluid, can be used for food and beverage, etc.

* Can be used as a food and beverage hose.

【Convenient confirmation fluid】 Hose is transparent, can confirm the fluid, the use of very comfortable PVC hose Temperature range: -20oC ~ +70oC (short time up to +80 oC) Construction: Advanced soft PVC, wall covered with elastic steel wire

Features: Non-toxic, transparent, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, resistant to high pressure, high elasticity, long service life; high pressure, vacuum, anti-compression, very smooth, good chemical resistance, food grade, high strength galvanized steel wire (In accordance with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 AND 178.2010.EC GUITELINE 2002/72 / EC (formerly 90/128), which is embedded in a highly flexible inner wall of a pipe, transparent tubing, highly visible fluid delivery and air- / ECC), can be grounded (according to BGR 132 fromerly ZH 1/200)

Application: widely used in agriculture, industry, engineering, mining, oil depots, petrochemical equipment, such as liquid, gas, oil, powder material delivery.

Delivery specifications: 10mm ~ 150mm industrial pvc fiber hose will be used in the process of adding lead salt stabilizer, and lead to the human body toxic; pvc fiber reinforced hose which contains heavy metals, will fall into the drinking water, endangering human health; Also called polyvinyl chloride, chlorine is harmful to humans. In summary, pvc fiber reinforced hose can not be used for drinking water transport.

Industrial pvc fiber hose taste is mainly PVC plasticizer volatile, hose plasticizer is mainly dioxin fat, dimethyl fat, etc., such plasticizer contains benzene, long-term in such an environment in the carcinogenic Dangerous, or to attract attention.

 Food hygiene grade pvc fiber hose is non-toxic harmless, usually use when you can increase ventilation.

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