PVC Suction Hose Features And Uses

PVC Suction Hose Features and uses

1 different characteristics of several common plastic pipe and use PVC pipe: a good tensile strength, compressive strength, but its flexibility as other plastic pipe, excellent corrosion resistance, the price of plastic pipe in the most cheap, but low temperature Irrigation, gas supply, exhaust pipe, wire pipe, rainwater pipe, industrial anti-corrosion pipe, etc. CPVC pipe, water supply pipe, water pipe, water pipe, : Good heat resistance, heat distortion temperature of 100 ℃, excellent chemical resistance bonding, flange thread connection hot water pipe PE pipe: light weight, good toughness, low temperature performance is better, non-toxic, cheaper prices, anti- High impact strength, but the compression, the tensile strength of the lower thermal welding, flange thread connected to drinking water pipes, rain pipes, gas pipes, industrial corrosion-resistant pipe PP tube: good corrosion resistance, with good strength, higher Surface hardness, surface finish, with a certain high temperature performance of hot melt welding, flange thread connection of chemical sewage, sea water, oil and irrigation pipes for indoor concrete floor for heating system heating ABS pipe: excellent corrosion resistance, light weight, heat resistance than PE, PVC, but more expensive. Adhesive, Flange Threaded Sanitaryware, Sanitary Pipe, Sewer Pipe, Underground Cable Tube, High Anticorrosion Industrial Piping, etc. PB Tubing: Intensity Between PE and PP, flexible between LDPE and HDPE Highlights are creep resistance (cold deformation), repeated around the continuous, temperature, chemical properties are also very good hot melt welding, flange thread connection to the water pipes, hot and cold water pipes, gas pipes, underground buried high pipe GRP pipe : Excellent corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, design performance can be good bearing apron connection, flange connection widely used in petrochemical pipes and large diameter to the drainage pipe to talk about the characteristics and application of various plastic pipes

Abstract: This paper concisely analyzes the effects of (UPVC), core foaming tube (PSP), hard polyvinyl chloride silencer, plastic bellows, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), high density ethylene (PPPE), polybutylene (PB), and other common plastic pipes (HDPE), cross-linked polyethylene pipe (PEX), steel-plastic composite pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe (PAP), random copolymer polypropylene Development, characteristics (advantages and disadvantages) and the scope of application were described in order to readers in the selection and use of plastic pipe, can provide a little help.

Compared with the traditional metal pipe, plastic pipe has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, high compressive strength, hygienic and safe, small flow resistance, energy saving, metal saving, improving living environment, long service life and convenient installation. Engineering industry favored. To this end, many developed countries, plastic products manufacturers and the pipeline engineering community to carry out extensive cooperation, put a lot of manpower, material and financial resources for all-round development and research, raw materials production, pipe fittings manufacturing technology, design theory and construction technology Has been developed and perfected, and accumulated a wealth of practical experience, to promote the plastic pipe in the pipeline project occupies a very important position, and the formation of an irrational trend of development. Plastic pipe is China's "15" during the focus of the promotion and application of one of the chemical building materials. Since the National Science and Technology Commission will be building drainage with hard polyethylene pipe application technology included in the "Sixth Five-Year" scientific and technological projects since the development of China's plastic pipe has undergone the research and development and application of the stage, is entering the industrialization of high-speed development of the Three stages. National Chemical Building Materials Coordination Group proposed: to 2005, plastic pipes in the various types of pipeline market share of 50%.