PVC Suction Hose Compressive Strength

PVC Suction Hose Compressive strength

PVC suction hose effect

    In China's huge plastic pipe market, PVC suction hose position plays a decisive role. As the largest output and in the pipe market accounted for nearly 70% of the share of PVC suction hose, has always been a hot investment. But it is this almost blind focus on investment, leading to PVC suction hose industry into a surplus of excess capacity. Serious supply and demand imbalance so that many of the production enterprises in order to compete for the market and competing to lower prices, much lower than the cost of production costs to attract users, and reasonable industry profits in this vicious competition was squeezed.

In order to profit, some manufacturers began to add a large amount of PVC in the PVC pipe filler, and the thickness of the wall and other indicators to start the hands and feet, and this poisonous cessation of short-sighted behavior also led to the user on the PVC suction hose Do not trust As a result, PVC suction hose market into a lower and lower prices, the quality of more and more times the cycle, so that in Beijing and other markets, many designers in the choice of pipe even when the PVC suction hose into Consider the list, turn to choose to install complex, high cost of cast iron pipe.

  Plastic hose pipe durable performance, several plastic pipe features and the main purpose of comparison:

    PVC suction hose has good tensile strength, compressive strength, but its flexibility is not as good as other plastic pipe, excellent corrosion resistance, the price of plastic pipe in all kinds of cheapest, but less brittle under low temperature, socket Circulation, flange thread connection for the livelihood of the livelihood, mining, agriculture, water supply and drainage, irrigation, gas supply, exhaust pipe, wire pipe, rain pipe, industrial anti-corrosion tube, etc.

    CPVC suction hose excellent heat resistance, heat distortion temperature of 100 ℃, excellent chemical resistance bonding, flange thread connection hot water pipe

    PE pipe components light weight, good resistance, low temperature function is better, non-toxic, the price is cheaper, high impact strength, but the compression, low tensile strength of hot melt welding, flange thread convergence water pipes, rain pipes, , Industrial corrosion-resistant pipe

    PP pipe corrosion resistance is good, with good strength, high surface hardness, the appearance of finish, with a certain high temperature functional hot melt welding, flange thread convergence of chemical sewage, sea water, oil and irrigation pipes for indoor Concrete floor for heating system heating pipe

    ABS tube excellent corrosion resistance, lighter weight, heat resistance than PE, PVC, but the price is more expensive. Bonding, flange thread connection sanitary ware with water pipes, transport begging tube, sewer, underground cable tube, high anti-corrosion industrial pipe, etc.