PVC Rubber Tube Manufacturers: The Effect Of Heat Shrinkage Temperature On Heat Shrinkable Casing

In the insulating material industry, the heat resistance of the heat shrinkable casing can be roughly divided into 5. It is respectively: 105 degrees C, 125 degrees C, 135 degrees C, 150 degrees C, 175 degrees C heat shrinkable sleeve, but the initial shrinkage temperature for most heat shrinkable tube is not less than +84 DEG C, the temperature will need to completely shrink heat shrinkable tube temperature situation.

The shrinkage time of the heat shrinkable tube and the heat shrinkable bushing will affect the progress of the project to some extent. Today we will analyze the factors that influence the heating shrinkage time of the heat shrinkable bushing.

Heat shrinkable tube heating contraction time first we thought should be the heat shrinkable tube heating, boiling water heating tool in comparison with the two time using a hot-air gun, heat shrinkable heat shrinkable sleeve using a hot-air gun faster, faster because the temperature of hot air gun, so select the appropriate heat shrinkable tube heating tool is one of the important factors affecting the heat shrinkable casing time the heating tool heat shrinkable sleeve are common lighter, flame gun, oven, boiled, hot air gun etc..

Heat shrinkable tube heating contraction time then depends on the size of the heat shrinkable sleeve, heat shrinkable sleeve size including heat shrinkable tube wall thickness size, the size of the size of the inner diameter of the heat shrinkable sleeve, heat shrinkable tube heat shrinkable sleeve length, smaller shrinkage faster, specifications of the larger thickness of this contraction time longer, such as the specifications of the 35KV bus heat shrinkable sleeve.

The important factor of heat shrinkable casing heating shrinkage time is to make up the material of the heat shrinkable casing. The heat shrinkable casing of PVC and PE is compared with PVDF and PTFE heat shrinkable sleeves, and the heat shrinkable time of the former is shorter under the same shrinkage mode. For heat shrinkable sleeves that need two or three Baidu to shrink, the shrinkage time is relatively slow.

Talking to you so much, a lot of factors are determined by the builders' experience and skills that will affect the shrinkage time of the heat shrinkable casing. Of course, the factors that affect the heat shrinkable tube are not absolute, and some experienced builders will also have such a situation. Most of them require environmental factors and shrinkage tools to determine the shrinkage effect of the product.