PVC Rubber Tube Manufacturer Tells You To Use Attention


1. it is necessary to use the hose in the recommended temperature and pressure range.

2. the rubber tube is inflated and contracted with its internal pressure. Please cut the hose into a longer length than you need.

3. when the pressure is applied, please open the valve slowly.

4. should not be higher than the rated pressure of the rubber hose.


1. the rubber tube is used under the condition that the minimum bending radius is above *4. Less than the minimum bending radius will cause the hose to break and reduce the pressure resistance.

2. when the powder and particles are used, it may be easy to wear out according to the conditions. Please enlarge the bending radius of the hose as much as possible.

3. do not use it in a state of extreme bending on the edge of a metal part.


1. do not contact the hose directly or close to the open fire.

Please do not use 2. vehicles on the pressure hose.