PVC Lay Flat Hose The Largest Output

PVC Lay Flat Hose The largest output

In China's huge plastic pipe market, the status of PVC pipe plays a decisive role. As the largest output and in the pipe market accounted for nearly 70% of the share of the PVC pipe, has been a hot investment. But it is this almost blind focus on investment, leading to PVC pipe industry into a surplus of excess capacity. Serious supply and demand imbalance so that many of the production enterprises in order to compete for the market and competing to lower prices, much lower than the cost of production costs to attract users, and reasonable industry profits in this vicious competition was squeezed.

In order to profit, some manufacturers began to add a lot of filler in the PVC pipe, and wall thickness and other indicators to start the hands and feet, and this poisonous cessation of short-sighted behavior also led to the user's PVC pipe does not trust. As a result, PVC pipe market into a lower and lower prices, the quality of more and more times the cycle, so that in Beijing and other markets, many designers in the choice of pipe even when the PVC pipe into the list, Choose to install complex, high cost of cast iron pipe.

   Plastic hose is also a work of art, in the United States Fair W5 Hall of the exhibition reporter saw several highly artistic plastic hose bottles, manufacturers through technological innovation to improve its printing technology, the traditional process of painting printed on the surface of the product , After using the bottle in the cosmetics, the customer can start the bottle can be a printed degree of detail, three-dimensional effect is completely no less than the plane of the Chinese painting, can make it an elegant works of art to enjoy and display display.

Hose classification:

According to the purpose is divided into: threading hose, drainage hose, ventilation hose, shower hose, wire tube.

According to the material are divided into: stainless steel hose, metal hose, corrugated hose, rubber hose, plastic hose. Metal hose is mainly refers to a spiral bellows; the other is a ring bellows. The spiral corrugated tube is a tubular shell with a corrugated helix and a helix angle between adjacent two corrugations. All corrugations can be connected by a helix.

Ring bellows is a corrugated closed ring-shaped tubular shell, wave and wave from the ring ripple in series. The ring bellows is machined from a seamless pipe or welded pipe. Restricted by the processing method, compared with the spiral corrugated pipe, the length of a single tube is usually shorter. The advantage of the ring bellows is good elasticity and small stiffness. Double hook hose, strong tension (> 120 Kg), strong torque, to ensure that no crack, no water leakage.

Comprehensive test: special PVC inner tube or EPDM inner tube through the water pressure 400PSI and 80 degree comprehensive test

Nut style: nuts and diverse styles. Nut material: copper or stainless steel.

Joint style: joint style design advanced, fixed and 360 degree rotation type. Joint material: copper or stainless steel.

Hose structure: solid structure, through the compression, tensile, torsion test.

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