PVC Lay Flat Hose Special Pipe

PVC Lay Flat Hose Special pipe

Is a professional production of irrigation pipe irrigation company, the company's main products are MPP power tube, silicon core tube, PVC irrigation pipe and other agricultural products, especially pipe irrigation pipe farms exported to the country in the industry has a good reputation, but also That is, the establishment of the Central Government just now has very good prospects for the economic construction and development of our region. The developed and high-speed logistics with very convenient transportation is quick and easy, bringing new opportunities for the company's development.

Farmland irrigation pipe is a kind of special pipe used in farmland irrigation project, which saves a great deal of human resources with its high efficiency, energy saving and construction convenience. The irrigation pipe in farmland has been widely used. The materials of irrigation pipe in farmland are divided into PVC farmland irrigation Pipe, PE irrigation pipe irrigation and other several different materials, the application of the environment is not the same, PVC farm irrigation pipe low cost, high structural strength, high temperature adaptation to a wide range of temperatures in most parts of our country in the construction of But also has other unparalleled advantages of irrigation methods. The use of irrigation pipe construction can be buried in the way, the pipeline can pass over the past will not affect the irrigation, the top can continue to cultivate crops, save land, make the effective use of arable land In addition, the most use of irrigation pipe irrigation pipe can be connected to the terminal terminal equipment, such as spraying, drip irrigation, etc., for water-saving and crop irrigation has an unparalleled benefits. Farmland irrigation pipe is one of the common pipelines in the field of farmland irrigation. It is generally divided into two kinds: PVC farmland irrigation pipe and PE farmland irrigation pipe. The materials of these two kinds of pipelines are different, and the scene used is not the same, of course, the life span And the environment is not the same, let's separate description of the use of these two specifications and the location of the pipe.

PE farm irrigation pipe texture is relatively soft texture, a single pipe is relatively long, especially suitable for long distance construction, because the pipe diameter can be coarse, it is particularly suitable for the main pipeline buried construction methods.

PVC farm irrigation pipe is hard texture, in some inconvenient to dig the area, the use of overhead construction is particularly suitable for construction using PVC farm irrigation pipe, the other can also be used as the terminal branch pipe to construction. Farmland irrigation pipe is our daily farmland irrigation project can not be separated from a pipe, farm irrigation pipe in the use of the need for various forms of processing, such as cutting, welding, etc., which are necessary in the construction of the project Of the project, the construction needs of irrigation pipe docking, etc., which requires the use of farm irrigation pipe dedicated welding machine, also known as hot melt machine, is to farm irrigation pipe welding tool, hot melt machine Operation is very rigorous, first of all to cut the farm irrigation pipe cut smooth and regular, can not have burrs, there is the temperature control, different farm irrigation pipe material will have different melting point, so when welding need According to different materials of farm irrigation pipe to set different temperatures, so that the irrigation pipe can be welded out without leakage, the intensity can be achieved to the highest, there is the welder must be in accordance with the appropriate user manual to operate, To ensure safety without operating accidents.

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