PVC Lay Flat Hose Hose Abnormality Check

PVC Lay Flat Hose Hose abnormality check

PVC hose classification and abnormal inspection

PVC hose classification: (1) is a continuous winding with a material, the ordinary winding bellows for the protection of cables, such as magnetic card telephone, machine tools, and the lamp of the bellows is in the production process sandwiched wire. (2) is completely airtight, watertight, such as propellant for propellant transport, gas, water heater; PVC hose abnormalities check: (1) before using the hose, first check the appearance of the hose with or without trauma , Hardening, softening, discoloration and other anomalies. (2) During the normal use of the hose, be sure to carry out a monthly check once a month. The service life of the hose is largely influenced by the characteristics of the fluid, temperature, flow rate, and pressure. Check the front of the job and check for unusual signs. Please stop using the repair, replace or replace the new hose immediately.

PVC transparent hose use precautions

Specified temperature and range within the use of Soviet hose for the job, to avoid the use of sudden high pressure damage hose

Do not use non-edible hoses for food production and processing. Drinking water should also be carried out with safe piping to minimize damage to the hose when used.

In the vicinity of metal parts, do not use in the case of extreme bending.

Do not touch the hose directly or near the fire.

The life of the hose is largely influenced by the characteristics of the fluid

 In foreign countries, plastic pipe is constantly replacing metal or other traditional materials pipe, the development is very rapid. In addition to the plastic pipe in the decade from 1980 to 1990, the total pipe growth rate of other materials was less than 2%, but the growth rate of the plastic pipe was four times the sum of the growth rate of the other pipes, reaching 8% , The demand for plastic pipes entering the 1990s still grow at an annual rate of 4.2%, and its output is increasing at an annual rate of 8%.

China since the seventies began to produce plastic pipe, the early eighties began to promote the use of construction projects. Over the past two decades, plastic pipe has been a great development, not only in quantity, but also in the variety and specifications have been greatly developed. By the end of 1999, the national plastic pipe production line about more than 2,000, of which about 15% of the introduction of equipment. 1999 China's various plastic pipe production capacity has reached 1.65 million tons, the actual output of about 1 million tons. Among them, PVC-U tube 500,000 tons, accounting for 50%; PE pipe 36 million tons, accounting for 36%. In recent years, with the construction industry as an important pillar industry of the national economy and the rapid development of housing industry, the construction of indoor plastic pipe developed rapidly, has now become a hot investment today.

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