PVC Lay Flat Hose High Impact Resistance

PVC Lay Flat Hose High impact resistance

PVC hose It is a popular material in the world today, quite popular and widely used as a synthetic material, then why would it be liked, what is its advantage?

1, beautiful color, bright, smooth and bright surface, is the most decorative fence series of products.

2, do not need paint and maintenance.

3, have enough strength. With a much better strength and toughness than wood, railings and heavy rails are lined with galvanized steel to enhance the special, or coated with special PVC material, so that the balance between the strength of steel and PVC beautiful.

4, easy to install, fast. The use of patented plug-in connector for installation, can greatly improve the installation speed.

5, tough than wood, and more flexible and high impact resistance.

6, on the human and animal harmless, even if no intention to touch the fence will not like steel, iron fence as wounding.

7, long service life PVC fence to ensure the service life of more than 15 years. As a result of the use of special formula and special anti-UV absorber, it will not fade, yellow, peeling, decay, cracking, blistering, and insects.

8, because there is no need to maintain, eliminating the maintenance and management of the trouble and make the overall cost lower than the wood and steel fence.

9, PVC profile energy consumption is only 1/14 of steel, so it is a green energy-saving products. PVC fence commonly used colors are white, gray, wood, dark blue and pink. PVC fence variety, not only can do a variety of places and traffic fence, but also for tables and chairs, pavilions and flower rack, the user can choose according to their own preferences. PVC plastic hose low temperature performance is not up to standard?

PVC hose if the twist and heat resistance does not meet the standard, then we can do? PVC / CPE system can be used. PVC and CPE blends, in elasticity, tensile strength, acid resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, low temperature resistance.

Sexual and other aspects will be significantly improved, the amount is generally 8-15phr, measured at -40 ℃ flexion qualified.

When the plastic hose is used at low temperature, most of it should have long-lasting flexibility. For ordinary plastic hose, we can choose DOP as the main plasticizer, and supplemented by DOA and use, with the use of better results, in low temperature conditions, the work performance is ideal. Because DOP and PVC compatibility is better, plasticizing speed, can make PVC to maintain good viscosity stability, coupled with its own volatile small, water-proof, low temperature soft performance is better; and DOA freezing point of -60 ℃ , Plasticizing temperature 121-25 ℃, with it to improve the plastic hose in the low temperature conditions of work performance can achieve the desired effect.

Plastic hose molding is easier than plastic pipe, no cutting device and cooling styling device, so the mixing process in the molding process is very important. Because it will not only affect the plasticizing effect, but also affect the low temperature toughness.

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