PVC Lay Flat Hose Benign Development

PVC Lay Flat Hose Benign development

PVC hose transparent hose use precautions

Specified temperature and range within the use of Soviet hose for the job, to avoid the use of sudden high pressure damage hose

Do not use non-edible hoses for food production and processing. Drinking water should also be carried out with safe piping to minimize damage to the hose when used.

In the vicinity of metal parts, do not use in the case of extreme bending.

Do not touch the hose directly or near the open flame.

The life of the hose is largely influenced by the characteristics of the fluid

Pvc hose industry healthy development

   Din20066 on the drop test to mention: If the hose and pvc hose nominal pressure caused by the difference, the hose assembly to take the lower pressure of the numerical value. Do not operate the machine without professional training. 457 can also be supplied to v4a logo, in the chemical industry is the scale material. - If the hoses of the hoses are subject to additional pressure, they must be supported. Hansa-flex product scale also contains anti-ozone hose. 45 degrees Bend: Thread Size: Inch Thread (g) Material: a, c, f parts are made of high quality steel. It can be connected with the din2353 and din en iso 8434-1 steel pipe joints, the female connector with o-ring seal, used in high-pressure hydraulic system. Stainless steel towline running up to the maximum speed of up to 5m / s, high acceleration up to 5m / s and speed, acceleration depending on the operating conditions may be, the operating life in the normal overhead situation, up to 5 million contacts Life depends on the running situation). 4 grounding resistance test sampling test pipe connector grounding resistance, should meet the gb / t 52 junction and the box into 90 degrees, thick zinc alloy, beautiful appearance, the structure of careful, high strength. 11 pipe joints should be used as appropriate to adopt appropriate anti-rust measures. Stress also affects this effect, which results in a loss of concentration or concentration of the gaseous medium or gaseous fuel. PVC plastic hose of the outstanding advantages

 [High heat resistance] can heat 150 ℃ within the high temperature fluid, can be carried out inside the food hose cleaning and cleaning (with conditions)

[Best for low temperature delivery] at very low temperatures can also maintain good flexibility, can be used as filling and transport with pipe hose

[Reduce the joint decomposition cleaning operation] There are a variety of special joints, can reduce the food hose piping decomposition cleaning operations, is suitable for filling operations piping hose

* Liquid is not easy to retain the joint structure