PVC Hose: Proper Use Of Heat Shrinkable Tubes?

With the rapid development of the electronics industry, shrink sleeves are also closely related to the electronics industry. More and more electronic products need to use shrink sleeves for protection.

The halogen flame retardant heat shrinkable tube is made up of radiation crosslinked polyolefin material, and its physical and chemical properties are excellent. The main function is the electrical insulation welding spot corrosion protection mechanical protection and wire harness. It is widely used in the fields of electronic communications automobile, ship, aircraft, aircraft, etc., even on the charge line of the mobile phone.

PVC Hose

Next, I will show you the tools you need to prepare.

The first step is to prepare a lighter, a pair of scissors and a heat shrinkable tube.

Second: we need to put the heat shrinkable tube on the power line.

Third: after heating the bushing, heating the heat shrinkable tube with a lighter or heating the casing evenly with a high rate hot air gun.

The fourth step: after the heat shrinkable tube is fully contracted, it is finished.