PVC Hose: Correct Use Of Insulating Tape

In the process of electricity consumption, people noticed that the size of the cross section area of the power line material has an impact on the safe use of electric appliances. However, the insulation adhesive is often not attached enough importance to. Now the power line is becoming more and more complex. It is all under the wood floor, the walls, the partitions and the wet underground or water. If the insulation tape is not used properly, it will cause electricity leakage, endanger the safety of people or cause a fire. So, how to use insulating tape correctly?

The power line joint is divided into "ten" word connection, "one" word connection, "Ding" word connection and so on. The joint should be fastened, smooth and free of prickles. Online head before disconnecting, should first use pliers wire light pressure, and then wound to the mouth, then swing around, the thread will quickly conformably in disconnect joint. If the joint in a dry place, should be the first to use insulation cloth wrapped in two layers, then wrapped in plastic tape (also called PVC adhesive tape) two, and J 10 insulating tape stretched around 200% since last wrapped in two or three layers, two layers of plastic tape wrapped.

Because the direct use of plastic tape shortcomings: plastic tape for a long time, easy to open plastic rubber dislocation, electrical load, joint heating, easy to melt the plastic tape shrinkage; electrical connectors pressure each other in the junction box, joint burr, easy to poke empty plastic tape, these risks directly endanger the personal safety. The line is moderate, caused the fire. The insulation black adhesive tape will not appear in the above situation. It has a certain strength and flexibility. It can wrap tightly around the joint for a long time, and it will not fall off and flame retardant when it is affected by time and temperature. Furthermore, wrapped in insulating black rubber cloth and then wrapped tape can prevent moisture and rust.

Of course, the insulation self adhesive tape is also defective. Although it has good waterproof performance, it is easy to break, so the final need to wrap two layers of plastic tape as a protective layer. The insulation self adhesive tape between the joint and the joint is not sticky with each other, and the performance is better.