PVC Enhanced Hose Is Toxic

As the first batch of manufacturers since the reform and opening up, PVC reinforced hose manufacturer answers questions and answers for you.

1. PVC polyester fiber reinforced hose is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. PVC polyester fiber reinforced hose, commonly known as snake skin tube or plastic snake skin tube, also known as PVC grid tube, is a kind of high quality polyester tube with polyester as raw material, composite layer of fiber layer to enhance its strength. But it is not suitable for the transportation of drinking water.

2, because of the high quality of snakeskin products, the wide use of the products is guaranteed. It is suitable for the transportation of pressure or corrosive gas and liquid. It is widely used in the fields of machinery, coal, petroleum, chemical, agricultural irrigation, construction, civil (solar water heater, gas tank) and so on. It is also applied to the irrigation of garden and lawn.

3, PVC fiber reinforced pipe pipe is three layer structure, and the inside and outside two layers are PVC soft plastic, the middle layer is polyester fiber reinforced net, that is, the strong polyester is a two-way winding formation of the mesh reinforcement. The product has a good mechanical and chemical properties due to the addition of a reinforcing polyester fiber layer in the middle. In order to optimize products and increase the appearance of products, two or three line color markers can be added to the outer layer. PVC fiber reinforced tube has high working pressure and longer service life. It has the characteristics of weathering resistance, abrasion resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, bending resistance, penetration resistance, hydrolysis resistance, nontoxic and tasteless, and is rich in resilience at low temperature.