PVC Aluminum Foil Composite Hose - Structure And Characteristics

PVC aluminum foil composite hose - structure and characteristics

(1) tin foil, pvc material composite process production

(2) according to the need to telescopic adjustment, lightweight and easy to construction.

(3) long durable, strong sealing.

Dust hose commonly used nylon mesh cloth, polyester, thermoplastic or PVC material. Generally with a retractable design, with high temperature, oil resistance, flame retardant, insulation, refit free, lightweight and other characteristics.

The definition of vacuum hose generally involves the following parameters:

Ventilation rate medium per unit time (seconds) through the distance (m). Better ventilation rate of up to 30 m / s.

Temperature range Common temperature range -40 ℃ to +120 ℃, instantaneous temperature of + 150 ℃.

The bend radius is the (minimum) radius of the inner circle that the hose can bend but does not damage or shorten the service life. When used, if the bending radius is less than the R value, the hose is likely to be kinked.

Common bending radius of 1 times the diameter of the hose.

Caliber weight and pressure caliber that the hose diameter and diameter, usually in millimeters (mm) said.

Weight, usually in meters per millimeter.

Vacuum hose generally only allow the working condition is not higher than 0.05Mpa low pressure environment, special circumstances will need to bear a certain negative pressure, that is, vacuum.

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