Proper Use Of Rubber Hose

1. Precautions for the use of rubber pipes

(I) pressure

1, be sure to use the hose in the recommended temperature and pressure range.

2, with the internal pressure expansion and contraction of the hose, please cut the hose into a longer length than you need.

3. When pressure is applied, please open / close any valve slowly to avoid impact pressure.

(two) fluid

1. The rubber hose used should be applied to the conveyed fluid.

2. Before using the hose for oil, powder, toxic chemicals and strong acid or strong alkali, please consult the storage 400-881-5770 first.

(three) bending

1, the rubber tube is used under the minimum bending radius, otherwise the hose will be broken and the pressure can be reduced.

2. When the powder and particles are used, it may be easy to wear out according to the conditions. Please enlarge the bending radius of the hose as much as possible.

3, in metal parts (joints), do not use in extreme bending state, and try to avoid extreme bending near metal parts, and can be avoided by using elbow.

4. Do not move the installed hose at will, especially to avoid the force or bending of the hose joint part during the movement.

(four) other

1, please do not contact the hose directly or close to the open fire.

Please do not use the vehicle on the 2, pressure hose.