Production Of PVC Insulated Hoses And Caustic Soda In China

In the 1-2 month of 2017, the production of PVC insulation hose and caustic soda increased in China.

According to the latest data from the National Bureau of statistics, the output of PVC in China was 2 million 937 thousand tons in the 1-2 months of 2017, an increase of 2.9% compared with the same period last year. The output of caustic soda was 5 million 630 thousand tons, up 10.4% tons compared with 5 million 100 thousand tons in 2016, and the output of calcium carbide was 4 million 318 thousand tons, an increase of 6.7% over the same period last year.

According to the market monitoring of chlor alkali network in China, with the continuation of the price and shipping situation of manufacturers, the trading atmosphere of domestic PVC market has improved. However, the market's actual turnover is still at a low level, and the opportunity for the market to warm up is still not mature.

Caustic soda, the chlorine demand overall sluggish effect, enterprises of caustic soda caustic very price significantly, the continuation of sought after protopine trend, individual pre idle device or plan to drive protopine. Overall, the recent chlor alkali industry is affected by the start-up of caustic soda plant. The imbalance of alkali and chlorine is outstanding. Under the strong support of downstream alumina, it is expected that the market of caustic soda will continue to maintain high and stable volume in the near future.