Precautions For Assembly Of PVC Transparent Hose:

Precautions for assembly of PVC transparent hose:

Please select the metal fitting suitable for the hose size and fit it together.

Apply oil to the hose and trough, and do not use fire when inserting the slot into the hose. If it cannot be inserted, hot water can be heated into the hose and inserted.

Precautions for inspection:

Before using the hose, please make sure there is no abnormality in the appearance of the hose (trauma, hardening, softening, discoloration, etc.);

During the normal use of the hose, be sure to carry out periodic inspection once a month.

The service life of a hose is largely influenced by fluid characteristics, temperature, flow rate, and pressure. Please stop the use, repair or replace the new hose immediately before the operation and when the abnormal symptoms are found in the regular inspection.

Precautions for saving hose:

Remove the residue in the hose after the hose is used.

Please keep it indoors or in a dark ventilated place.

Please do not keep the hose in extremely tight condition.

Precautions for waste:

Please do not burn. The incinerator will be damaged due to incineration. Please be treated as industrial waste.

When abandoned, please follow the classification requirements of each region.

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