Points For Attention Of Drip Irrigation Belt

Points for attention of drip irrigation belt


Drip irrigation pipes and emitters are easy to plug and require high water quality, so filters must be installed;

Two. Drip irrigation can not regulate the microclimate in the field, it is not suitable for freezing irrigation, and can not use the drip irrigation system to recover manure in vegetable irrigation.

Three. The investment of drip irrigation is higher, and the economic benefit of crops should be considered;

Four. Pay attention to the burning of drip irrigation belt, press compacted plastic film when laying drip irrigation belt, make plastic film close to drip irrigation belt as far as possible, don't produce space between film and drip irrigation belt. Avoid focusing sunlight through water droplets. The land should be leveled before sowing so as to reduce the phenomenon of multi pits and depressions. In order to prevent soil miscellaneous stone weed mulch, water vapor caused the formation of the water in the film under the lens effect, burns with drip irrigation. When laying, the drip irrigation belt can be buried, so as to avoid the focus burns.


1, according to the requirements of design documents, comprehensive check equipment type, specification, quantity and quality, prohibited the use of substandard products. The equipment to be installed should be kept clean and the plastic pipes should not be thrown, thrown, dragged or exposed.

2. Install water meters, valves and filters according to design requirements and flow direction markings. The straight connection between the filter and the branch pipe is threaded.

3, threaded fittings need to be wrapped tape, straight through the lock mother should be tightened.

4, before the bypass installation, first use a special puncher to drill holes on the branch pipe. When drilling, the drill can not tilt, the drill pipe depth shall not exceed 1/2 diameter; then the bypass will press into the branch pipe.

5. Cut the drip irrigation pipe (belt) according to the length of the row of the plant. The drip irrigation pipe (belt) is arranged along the plant, and then the end is connected with the bypass.

6, drip irrigation pipe (belt) installation, open the valve flushing pipe with water, and then shut the valve; the drip irrigation pipe (belt) plug in the drip irrigation pipe (belt) end; the branch plug head at the end of the branch pipe.

7, the whole drip irrigation system installation order is: valve, filter, straight, branch, drilling, bypass, drip irrigation pipe (belt), flushing pipe, plug.

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