Plastic Hose - What Is A Plastic Drain Board

Plastic hose - what is plastic drain board, plastic drain board is inserted into soft soil foundation with a slotting machine. Under the preloading load, the void water in soft soil foundation is discharged from plastic drain board to upper paving sand or horizontal plastic drainage tube, which is discharged from other places and accelerates the consolidation of soft foundation. In the treatment of soft soil foundation, the design and construction equipment of plastic drain board are basically the same as those of bag sand well. The application of plastic drain board: soft foundation treatment projects such as expressway, railway, airport, power plant, yard, port, reclamation, sewage treatment plant, waste landfill, reclamation, water conservancy and hydropower, wharf construction and so on. The advantages of plastic drainage plate to reinforce soft soil foundation:

1., good drainage and smooth drainage. The drainage effect is guaranteed.

2., the material has good strength and ductility, which is suitable for foundation deformation capacity without affecting drainage performance.

3., the drainage plate has small cross section and little disturbance to the foundation during the process of draining drains.

4. the slab can be constructed on the super soft foundation.

5., the construction is fast and the construction period is short. Every plug-in machine can be more than 15000m per day, and the cost is lower than the bag sand well. When the deep soft soil foundation is consolidated by the drainage consolidation method, it is almost the only economical, effective and feasible method to adopt the drainage plate, both technically and economically.