[plastic Hose] See How PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose Evolves Into Garden Tube?

Look at how to increase PVC fiber into a garden tube. The main pipe of PVC fiber reinforced soft pipe production line is composed of extruder spray water group, traction machine, winding machine and coiler. PVC fiber reinforced hose also known as PVC grid pipe, commonly known as plastic snake skin tube, suitable for pressure or corrosive gas, liquid transportation, widely used in machinery, coal, oil, chemical, agricultural irrigation, construction, civil (solar water heater, gas can) and other fields. It is also widely used in garden and lawn irrigation. PVC is a plastic product synthesized from 43% of oil and 57% of salt. Compared with other kinds of plastic products, PVC is more effective in using raw materials and reducing fuel consumption. At the same time, the energy consumption of PVC manufacturing industry is also very low. And in the later stage of the use of PVC products, it can be recovered and converted to other new products or incineration for energy. As an important component of chemical building materials, with its superior performance, health, environmental protection, low consumption and so on, it is widely accepted by the vast number of users, including UPVC drainage pipe, UPVC pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe osmosis pipe, polyethylene (PE) water supply pipe.

The diameter of the pressure bar wheel is 350mm and the double circuit cooling system. With the mold temperature control machine, we precisely control the temperature of the pressing Club wheel to make the plate and thickness uniform. The length and quantity of the slicer and plate are accurate. The winding unit, with advanced torque motor and four axis automatic tension control, can adjust speed and winding tension at will to achieve the purpose of sheet rolling, and the required product width can be set freely with the split strip device, and the machine can set the length of product with automatic meter. Three roller press adopts horizontal or 45 degree tilting. It can be freely lifted.