Plastic Hose Increases Product Sales Through E-commerce

I believe that the emergence of plastic hose makes a lot of people's life more convenient. Nowadays, the sales channels of various kinds of products are becoming more and more diversified, especially the wide application of e-commerce has brought a lot of convenience to businesses and customers. For example, metal hose, stainless steel hose industry covers a very wide area, this relatively simple things, not very difficult to understand things are more suitable for online sales. In addition, we are more familiar with, more mature things, through the network metal hose, stainless steel hose enterprises to open up the network sales channels, not only with the help of the comprehensive or professional online business city, but also to build the independent operation of the network sales system. No matter what mode to adopt, metal hose and stainless steel hose enterprises develop e-commerce and open up network marketing channels, which are more likely to be successful because of the support of lines of business, brand, channel, customer and other resources.

In terms of price, the support of traditional enterprise cable business is also relatively perfect in the aspects of supply chain management, storage and distribution system, and these resources are both existing. After giving full play to these advantages, it can provide efficient and low cost logistics and distribution services for many network shoppers. In the brand and customer groups, metal hose, stainless steel hose enterprises engaged in industrial operation, from the scale of funds, brand integrity, social awareness of the innate advantages. When metal hose and stainless steel hose enter the field of electronic commerce, their promotion and penetration can get the support of the original brand, and also have a certain customer base. It is easier to break through the integrity and promotion obstacles, and get high speed development.

Determination of plastic hose

Minimum length of specimen hose, excluding end pipe connections. It should be 5 times the nominal diameter of the hose, or the length of 1 m. If the length of the two is the same, if the length is less than 1m, then complete the root hose or hose assembly.

Test procedure

Method 1

Put the plastic hose in one plane as flat as possible and plug one end of the hose with a metal plug so that it is free from air leakage. A solid ball is inserted into the hose. Then the opening end of the hose is attached to a vacuum pump attached to the vacuum table, and the internal pressure of the hose is lowered to the specified test pressure in 60s, and the pressure must not be less than 10min.

At the same time, check the pressure of the test, check whether there are sunken or collapsing conditions outside the hose, and then tilt the test hose, make the ball pass through the hose, and check whether the hose has any obstacles caused by internal deformation.

Method two

A sealing plug made of transparent material at one end of the plastic hose is attached to a vacuum pump with a vacuum table, and the internal pressure of the hose is reduced to the pressure value of the military aid test in 60s and no less than 10 cliffs in min.

While maintaining the test pressure, use a light light source, check the general situation in the hose through a transparent plate, and check whether there is an outside depression or collapse in the outside of the hose.