Plastic Hose -- Expert Analysis And Development Situation

Plastic hose is an important branch of many components of chemical building materials. The application field of plastic hose is usually water supply, drainage, gas, ground heating, electric power communication, agriculture, fire protection and other fields. The use of chemical materials classification from different point of view, the plastic hose can be divided into PU steel wire wound hose, PVC bone EVA/PE reinforced hose, corrugated pipe, wire and cable protection hose, according to the Secretary of the international mould and hardware plastic industry suppliers association long introduction, at present our country plastic pipe Market economy is more intense, the plastic hose pipe production large scale enterprises exceeded 2000, the annual production capacity of over 12 million tons, annual production capacity of 10 thousand tons of enterprises reached 300, 20 more than the annual production capacity of over 150 thousand tons. In the field of small caliber home decoration, competition is more intense, and the threshold is not high, making layout sales network the leading business development. In the field of engineering projects, product barriers and transportation radius constraints make leading enterprises focus on technology research and development and scale expansion.