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Frequent haze days encourage people to stay indoors, especially the elderly and children, so indoor air purification has become the focus of attention. Many customers are planning to install a fresh air system that can ventilate and purify. Although some consumers are not familiar with the fresh air system, is there any need to install the air purification system? And how to choose the purification function?

Reporters told reporters that the consumer, Ms. Ho said to reporters: "in the use of air purifier is often closed doors and windows, and the purification time is often longer, long time indoor is easy to anoxic, only through the way to solve the window, and a window air purification is equal to failure, on the one hand, can purify the air, On the other hand, the fresh air system itself filters and purifies outdoor fresh air, and then sends it to the indoor area. There is no need to open windows.

Mr. Gao, who has just finished decorating the new house, told reporters: "not only is the haze, just after the decoration or at home, the new furniture often releases formaldehyde and other harmful substances. These harmful substances also lead to indoor environmental pollution, and the haze can reduce inhalation by closing windows and reducing outdoor activities. Furniture, even if we choose the products that meet the national standards, may also be caused by the superposition of harmful substances, causing the indoor air environment to be not up to the standard, but we can always live in the house.